Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Orange County and Los Angeles are two very different breeds of places, this is for sure. Some say suburbia has no hold on the exciting nights and unexpected days that you will surely experience in the city of angels..... 

It's been a few years since I made THE transfer ( LA to 'The OC' (pun intended)) and, although Los Angeles still pulls at my heart strings (and trips are frequently made to satisfy the hunger), I notice that I am still finding things about this southern county that delight me. 

One maJOR finding may surprise (and maybe offend) a few....but: HOLY GOOD MUSIC, BATMAN! Look, I'm the first to admit that you can find a diamond in the rough on any given night at the Echo in Silverlake...or any other venue in LA for that matter...... BUT I have to admit, there is some serious shit shakin down the 'venues' of orange county as well. As, I'm sure, is obvious through my frequent postings of OC local artists..... but hey, I'm no one trick pony - I gotta lotta love to go around, I just wanna share these gems with the rest of the musically inclined population.....

And so another installation of another rockin local band. How I've just discovered them is beyond me: these guys have opened for Kings of Leon, and had their album produced by Joe Chiccarelli (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, My Morning Jacket)....just to name a few notches on their belt...... Formerly known as "The Jakes"..... YOUNG THE GIANT is just that: ranging in age from 20 - 22, they may be young but their sound is truly giant.

**Check out their free daytrotter session...(yea, that's right: Daytrotter: so you know their legit)
**Once you've downloaded the tracks, put some faces to the music and watch this beautiful video that encompasses all of aforementioned.

 OH - and if you feel hard pressed to make the trip 'all the way down' just to catch a show.... combo it with a DISNEYLAND trip, as they are playing at the House of Blues Anaheim in April..... (see, I'm so good to you!!) 

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