Friday, May 28, 2010


Oh Erin Wasson, how do i count the ways?  

hit up that good RVCA sample sale last week and am STILL beating myself up over not scooping up these ridiculously perfect suede shorts......  paired with this easy breezy airy button up and its breakin my heart....

Yes, there was also a graphite colored washed silk button up with FRINGE detailing across the chest and down those good cowboy shootin arms that I PASSED UP...... this whole ballin on a budget thing is sincerely wounding my wardrobe..... an ode to my epic fail with this tassssstey fringed white dress....

P.S. are you even human?

Ok   Jack and Lazaro,  STOP IT RIGHT NOW!  -- Ok PLEASE don't , but really -- how DO you DO it?!?

Whoulda thought that a med school student and a glass blower would be poundin out the greatest hits in fashion every single fuckin season?!!? 

Summer 2010 blew my mind, but after this fall preview, its official: you are robots sent here from the planet of "Fuuuuuck yeah" ......

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am officially the worst -- don't even want to count how many days..... weeks..... MONTHS it's been since I have overloaded your brains with kickin tunes and killllller clothes ---- alright alright, I'm not that good -- but at any rate, I am COMPLETELY  bottled up to the brim with photos; thoughts; info; art; events; EVERYTHING!!!!

I neeeeed to release before I explode. Alright, gutter brains, since that probably sounds terrible, see below for what im talllllkin bout:

Alright, now that we've gotten that outta the way -- lets try and get over this riff and move forward. Im not gonna promise anything -- but I will do my best to get my shit together and stay on top of the game......... ive missed you -- --- ENJOY : )