Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Another visionary tease came across my path today. 
As usual, waif like rich and fabulous cigarette addicts will rejoice as WILDFOX COUTURE hits it outta the park once again with their new lookbook. 
Their popsicle suckin, sweaty, heavy shaded, high exposed, sexy kitschy imagery has been one to catch my eye and heart every season, but for Summer 2011, they really rocked my socks. 
Cleverly taking cue from the cult classic serious SVH:Sweet Valley high, they have officially taken it up a notch as far as visual marketing is concerned. 
We can all admit to our addiction to the, seamlessly, never ending(tv series;multiple spinoff books; and a brand new 'face-lifted' 2011 version..) series by Francine Pascal. I would have been quoted to say that this damn series had its run and then some...and just needed to die.....but I'll take these photos and concept for the win!...and i may or may not be looking into finding the box set to re-read all the classics..... Enjoy oh pre-twilight, box car children loving, broke ass fashion mongrels.....MORE PHOTOS HERE

check out all the goodies (if you would like to spend $300 on a tee that cost $1.25 to screen on a $7 blank....sorry: had to step on my soap box for a sec ) on their killer website HERE...(be sure to check the sp11 video for even more inspiration)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


best find of the week:

ROG WALKER...... killing it

thanks to my frequent check backs to FROUFROU's fashion/dreamy photography blog...i have discovered this marvel of a man.....and so should you..

Check out his latest phenom of a project: "IDENTITIES" - and float away.
Inspiration for days <3

Rog Walker x London from Rog Walker on Vimeo.

Friday, March 25, 2011


They say you never know what you have until it's gone.... well I knew that I had a rarity of a gem the minute I met the treat of a braud that is, Rebekah Dorsey. 

I could have predicted shakey beginnings when I saw this deep haired bombshell stroll up to my best friend and I at our random room mate finder orientation. As she introduced herself, I couldn't help but notice her tall stature and perfectly put together regalia (infinite points for using that word).... at the time, I saw a baked apple complexion, manicured nails, meticulously coiffed hair, uber feminine high heels, and a jersey accent.......this was a problem for me.....
So we had our fights....knock down, drag out fights...... but here's the difference: they ALL ended in laughter. Im not talking a few chuckles between tears and a 'hug it out' session followed by a marathon of matthew mcconaughey's shitty ass movies....Im talking: hysterical laughter that slows your breathing to the point where you fall to the ground and most likely (it happened a few times) piss yourself. This is how I knew she was my sister; and also, that we would have some of the most amazing, and ridiculous memories together. 

To recap how far we've come and all the shenanigans in between would be better suited for a book/novel (eat your heart out, Lauren Conrad!) so I will skimp on that for the sake of your sanity .....and appetite.... but I WILL finally come to my point of writing this post in her honor:
After all of her hard work, talent, tears, blood and sweat... my jersey girl is embarking on her next life NEW YORK.
Getting our 'dream jobs' at the same time was pretty rad....but both of us realizing that there's so much more out there (and, also, our 'dream jobs' are the cause of 99% of our suicide attempts) is priceless.

Thinking about her BIG move back to the east coast is something that I will never be prepared for, but when I got her message confirming her final decision to go... sadness wasn't my initial instinct. It was definitely an overwhelming excitement. Maybe because I live vicariously through her...and secretly hope I can fold myself into her suitcase.... but mostly because i KNOW that she is going to do unbelievable, unfathomable, amazing things. Because that tall stature and perfectly put together ensemble I once saw have become something completely different. She traded in her tanning membership and acrylic nails for a vagabond lifestyle moving all over LA, taking on a vegan diet, and taking over the handbag industry
She will always be the girl who joined me in dressing like an asshole at any public opportunity... climbing fire escapes, and talking to LITERALLY anyone with no shame..... but she is also the smartest business woman I know. At the age of 23, she is more savvy and motivated than most woman in power twice her age. She is truly a storm to be reckoned with. Mark my word, she will tear through your life and leave a trail....a trail that you will never want to forget. 
And so my last fellow transplant leaves me in a few weeks...on to fabulous people, important deadlines, THE fashion week, family, and new beginnings....
On to things that are larger than life.....just like her  <3 


Friday, March 18, 2011


1978: the year of the Volkswagen Rabbit; home brewed beer; and a stripped down, drugged up Rolling Stones tour.....
also the year that a young, Bill Cunningham started his career as the, soon to be, most notable and respected street Fashion photographer to ever live. 

Alright kids, so -yea, he dropped out of Harvard, but ever since then, he's been kickin street style ass and taking names. Contributing heavily to the fashion journalism in the New York Times, he managed to snap an infamous shot of Greta Garbo...which started his regular series contribution to the Times. 

Bill pushed the limits and took fashion out of the the runways....and made it original, and FUN! His keen eye and sheer talent are beyond any words I can form but I'll tell you this: he is one of the only photo snapping event going fashion stalking men that models and celebs actually LOVE. I'm talking invites to exclusive parties and a whole lotta R.E.S.P.E.C.T! He lives minimally and gets by on his down to earth persona and humble approach to life and fashion.....and his dashing good looks of course! 
Still kickin it hard at the age of 80+, I love this Bill character and I cannot wait to catch his new documentary. If you have an ounce of respect for fashion or amazing visual stimulation.....if you have a soft spot for Tommy Ton, or outfit posting blogistas - please show respect to the man that gave way and made ALL of it possible - push those boundaries oh fine fine fashion's not about the money - its about the love.

" The main thing I love about street photography is that you find the answers you don't see at the fashion shows. This was something I realized early on: if you just cover the designers in the shows, that's only one facet. You also need the street and the evening hours. If you cover the three things, you have the full picture of what people are wearing." - Bill Cunningham

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Humpday....a midweek reminder that Friday is almost here....or, some weeks, a reminder that "its only Wednesday!"..... If today is one of those days - FEAR NOT my frothy little babies..... I got plans.. and so do you....

Kustom Footwear: a little ol' company that throws down 50 g's for their annual AIRSTRIKE contest (yeah that's right: $50,000 since 2008 for the craziest, most revolutionary air maneuvers on the water) And, also, the same little company that pioneered the "Shoe With No Footprint" AKA the shoe no retailer can keep on their shelves........ that company, oh that one? Welp, they're at it again.... and they're here to save your midweek crisis:

Team rider, Josh Kerr is making his (and his production team's) debut tonight in Newport in a big way. A pre-party AND an after-party (at the blue beat with a notable 80's cover band nonetheless) were apparently in order for the premiere of his anticipated film: The Kerrazy Kronicles

Come one, come all to this free for all (..don't judge me, I'm getting tired)
...aaaand if you're lucky enough (or happen to work in the 'umbrella' with some amazing folk) you might just get yourself some VIP tix.... which just happen to include a bevy of free booze, transportation, and lots of eye candy..... 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Orange County and Los Angeles are two very different breeds of places, this is for sure. Some say suburbia has no hold on the exciting nights and unexpected days that you will surely experience in the city of angels..... 

It's been a few years since I made THE transfer ( LA to 'The OC' (pun intended)) and, although Los Angeles still pulls at my heart strings (and trips are frequently made to satisfy the hunger), I notice that I am still finding things about this southern county that delight me. 

One maJOR finding may surprise (and maybe offend) a few....but: HOLY GOOD MUSIC, BATMAN! Look, I'm the first to admit that you can find a diamond in the rough on any given night at the Echo in Silverlake...or any other venue in LA for that matter...... BUT I have to admit, there is some serious shit shakin down the 'venues' of orange county as well. As, I'm sure, is obvious through my frequent postings of OC local artists..... but hey, I'm no one trick pony - I gotta lotta love to go around, I just wanna share these gems with the rest of the musically inclined population.....

And so another installation of another rockin local band. How I've just discovered them is beyond me: these guys have opened for Kings of Leon, and had their album produced by Joe Chiccarelli (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, My Morning Jacket)....just to name a few notches on their belt...... Formerly known as "The Jakes"..... YOUNG THE GIANT is just that: ranging in age from 20 - 22, they may be young but their sound is truly giant.

**Check out their free daytrotter session...(yea, that's right: Daytrotter: so you know their legit)
**Once you've downloaded the tracks, put some faces to the music and watch this beautiful video that encompasses all of aforementioned.

 OH - and if you feel hard pressed to make the trip 'all the way down' just to catch a show.... combo it with a DISNEYLAND trip, as they are playing at the House of Blues Anaheim in April..... (see, I'm so good to you!!) 

Friday, March 11, 2011


It has been brutally brought to my attention (over and over) that it is that time again: A time when magic in the form of music, food, drink, and fashionable babes forms in the eclectic epicenter of Austin, marks the beginning of SXSW 2011 !

Why so somber, you ask, then? Because I will, once again, not be in attendance to witness this musical miracle rear its head this year. I have this little thing called a job....which doesn't allow for weeks off to head to Austin, or the wages to drop 1200 bones on a platinum badge. 

Nonetheless, I will be dreaming of you oh sweet sweet little world of amazing. 
Just in case you're a lucky, lucky (or rich ass) bastard and have said passes.... please complete a few things off of my bucket list for me:

*   Be sure to Catch The Local Natives throwin down a surprise performance with a quartet at Stubbs tonight...
*   Grab some vinyl at the mobile record store that Jack White will be premiering for the first time. (details here)
*   Do yourself a favor and catch one of Nico Stai's sets. Be sure to let him know that he is a genius and I would like to carry his children, that is if you aren't in a complete trance from his band's legendary performance.

I could go on...but I might consider suicide....(only kidding- that's a bit over the top- but it really is all about the theatrics afterall, am i right??)

As the late (?), great Celine Dion once said, "My heart will go on......"