Friday, February 18, 2011


There may be a three day weekend readily upon us, but hefty workloads have managed to keep that holiday out of mind for me as I slowly lose my eyesight on this rainy friday at the office.
Since my current project has my eyes glued to images that are WAAAY too close up, I have taken it upon myself to institute mandatory photoshop breaks and, in doing so, I found a very delightful soundbite.....

If you like good music, mustaches, and magic (yes, they are magical) then you will be happy to have read my little ditty for the day: 

LOCAL NATIVES are indeed that - they are local LA natives and they are also amazing if you wanted to know. The band has been touring for quite some damn time now, so, shame on you if you haven't taken time out to see them (just kidding, don't feel bad about yourself). Their music has been a staple on my Itunes  and revolving mix cd's as their dreamy melodies are so utterly addicting and refreshing, you won't be able to stop listening....
Which is why I was very pleased to see that they were able to make a stop at KCRW for "mornings become eclectic" today, and sing us some lullabies...... with a string quartet to back them up - no big deal. But, I guess they had to get some practice in for this little old show they're doing at THE WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL. Tickets are sold out, to no surprise, but you can catch their amazing performance from KCRW right here

Thank you, my soul rattlin', mustache wearin, beasts of song... you have saved my cubicle jailed Friday.....

OH - and, just in case you're sitting down (trust me, this one's heavy) - check out the video they did for the ALWAYS amazing Blogotheque. It will literally blow your mind..... it is...right.... HERE

Saturday, February 5, 2011


In case you're like me and have given more thought to nursing your hangover today than actually planning out your evening......mama's gotchyo back

Fear not oh lazy couch dwellers - there is a real world outside and it is calling your name! If you're a fan of good music and like free beer and surfer babes, then I suggest you get your lazy ass to the LBC for a night of tunes and tom-foolery!
Ezekiel sponsored folk-al power, Korey Dane is releasing their album in style at Fingerprints in Long beach tonight (2/5/11 for all of you who, like me, don't keep track of time). Throw on some dapper duds to catch the eye of one of the, sure to be many, babes that will be in attendance - and put ten on it for their album. I am in no place to confirm any sort of plans for the evening, but if I can tear myself away from sipping on these homemade bloody mary's on my couch, then I will be there, AND SO SHOULD YOU!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well, it comes as no surprise that Mr. Alexander Wang as stopped us all dead in our tracks (footwear, get it? <-- insert laughter) once again with his cult forming foot candy!
Yes, I realized that ANYone who's ANYone is salivating over spring/summer 2012 by now, but I am a slave to the cubicle and all work that it entails, so cut me some slack alright? These are indeed ss 2011, but hey, in a normal world, I'd be right on track, right? Sooooo, for all of you bastards that can actually afford to step foot (god im good) into a retailer or set a finger on the keyboard to type in get your rich ass feet into a pair of this exxxtremely enviable chaussures (yeah, thats right, I took honors French in high school).

....and yes, that is an USHER reference below.... (i will always have a secret love for any castmember of She's All That)


It was a bittersweet little gemstone moment I had when the new Bliss mag came thru our office doors this week. 

As I saw it lying dormant in the entry of my old building, I realized that my favorite ripped and shredded little lady wasn't going to be the one to hand deliver it to my cubicle.... in fact: no one was going to quench my thirst slash need for this amazing literary visual every month. It's not that I'm lazy (alright, I'm pretty fuckin lazy), it's just the joy that AMBER WIERENGA brings to my face! Especially when she's got the new copy of BLISS in her hand. Never fail, she'd always bring me the latest issue, and.... sadly, her epic stint at our place of work has ended. Her talent, however will always live on. And that, is evident in this month's issue of Bliss mag. Cuz a bitch GOT PUBLISHED!~!!!!!! That's right, check out her editorial debut in her damn interesting interview with legendary photog: Quang Le.
GET IT GIRL!! you will not be forgotten!

....this one's definitely going up on the cubicle wall - makin mama proud!