Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well, it comes as no surprise that Mr. Alexander Wang as stopped us all dead in our tracks (footwear, get it? <-- insert laughter) once again with his cult forming foot candy!
Yes, I realized that ANYone who's ANYone is salivating over spring/summer 2012 by now, but I am a slave to the cubicle and all work that it entails, so cut me some slack alright? These are indeed ss 2011, but hey, in a normal world, I'd be right on track, right? Sooooo, for all of you bastards that can actually afford to step foot (god im good) into a retailer or set a finger on the keyboard to type in get your rich ass feet into a pair of this exxxtremely enviable chaussures (yeah, thats right, I took honors French in high school).

....and yes, that is an USHER reference below.... (i will always have a secret love for any castmember of She's All That)

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