Thursday, February 3, 2011


It was a bittersweet little gemstone moment I had when the new Bliss mag came thru our office doors this week. 

As I saw it lying dormant in the entry of my old building, I realized that my favorite ripped and shredded little lady wasn't going to be the one to hand deliver it to my cubicle.... in fact: no one was going to quench my thirst slash need for this amazing literary visual every month. It's not that I'm lazy (alright, I'm pretty fuckin lazy), it's just the joy that AMBER WIERENGA brings to my face! Especially when she's got the new copy of BLISS in her hand. Never fail, she'd always bring me the latest issue, and.... sadly, her epic stint at our place of work has ended. Her talent, however will always live on. And that, is evident in this month's issue of Bliss mag. Cuz a bitch GOT PUBLISHED!~!!!!!! That's right, check out her editorial debut in her damn interesting interview with legendary photog: Quang Le.
GET IT GIRL!! you will not be forgotten!

....this one's definitely going up on the cubicle wall - makin mama proud!

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