Saturday, February 5, 2011


In case you're like me and have given more thought to nursing your hangover today than actually planning out your evening......mama's gotchyo back

Fear not oh lazy couch dwellers - there is a real world outside and it is calling your name! If you're a fan of good music and like free beer and surfer babes, then I suggest you get your lazy ass to the LBC for a night of tunes and tom-foolery!
Ezekiel sponsored folk-al power, Korey Dane is releasing their album in style at Fingerprints in Long beach tonight (2/5/11 for all of you who, like me, don't keep track of time). Throw on some dapper duds to catch the eye of one of the, sure to be many, babes that will be in attendance - and put ten on it for their album. I am in no place to confirm any sort of plans for the evening, but if I can tear myself away from sipping on these homemade bloody mary's on my couch, then I will be there, AND SO SHOULD YOU!

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