Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Another visionary tease came across my path today. 
As usual, waif like rich and fabulous cigarette addicts will rejoice as WILDFOX COUTURE hits it outta the park once again with their new lookbook. 
Their popsicle suckin, sweaty, heavy shaded, high exposed, sexy kitschy imagery has been one to catch my eye and heart every season, but for Summer 2011, they really rocked my socks. 
Cleverly taking cue from the cult classic serious SVH:Sweet Valley high, they have officially taken it up a notch as far as visual marketing is concerned. 
We can all admit to our addiction to the, seamlessly, never ending(tv series;multiple spinoff books; and a brand new 'face-lifted' 2011 version..) series by Francine Pascal. I would have been quoted to say that this damn series had its run and then some...and just needed to die.....but I'll take these photos and concept for the win!...and i may or may not be looking into finding the box set to re-read all the classics..... Enjoy oh pre-twilight, box car children loving, broke ass fashion mongrels.....MORE PHOTOS HERE

check out all the goodies (if you would like to spend $300 on a tee that cost $1.25 to screen on a $7 blank....sorry: had to step on my soap box for a sec ) on their killer website HERE...(be sure to check the sp11 video for even more inspiration)