Friday, March 25, 2011


They say you never know what you have until it's gone.... well I knew that I had a rarity of a gem the minute I met the treat of a braud that is, Rebekah Dorsey. 

I could have predicted shakey beginnings when I saw this deep haired bombshell stroll up to my best friend and I at our random room mate finder orientation. As she introduced herself, I couldn't help but notice her tall stature and perfectly put together regalia (infinite points for using that word).... at the time, I saw a baked apple complexion, manicured nails, meticulously coiffed hair, uber feminine high heels, and a jersey accent.......this was a problem for me.....
So we had our fights....knock down, drag out fights...... but here's the difference: they ALL ended in laughter. Im not talking a few chuckles between tears and a 'hug it out' session followed by a marathon of matthew mcconaughey's shitty ass movies....Im talking: hysterical laughter that slows your breathing to the point where you fall to the ground and most likely (it happened a few times) piss yourself. This is how I knew she was my sister; and also, that we would have some of the most amazing, and ridiculous memories together. 

To recap how far we've come and all the shenanigans in between would be better suited for a book/novel (eat your heart out, Lauren Conrad!) so I will skimp on that for the sake of your sanity .....and appetite.... but I WILL finally come to my point of writing this post in her honor:
After all of her hard work, talent, tears, blood and sweat... my jersey girl is embarking on her next life NEW YORK.
Getting our 'dream jobs' at the same time was pretty rad....but both of us realizing that there's so much more out there (and, also, our 'dream jobs' are the cause of 99% of our suicide attempts) is priceless.

Thinking about her BIG move back to the east coast is something that I will never be prepared for, but when I got her message confirming her final decision to go... sadness wasn't my initial instinct. It was definitely an overwhelming excitement. Maybe because I live vicariously through her...and secretly hope I can fold myself into her suitcase.... but mostly because i KNOW that she is going to do unbelievable, unfathomable, amazing things. Because that tall stature and perfectly put together ensemble I once saw have become something completely different. She traded in her tanning membership and acrylic nails for a vagabond lifestyle moving all over LA, taking on a vegan diet, and taking over the handbag industry
She will always be the girl who joined me in dressing like an asshole at any public opportunity... climbing fire escapes, and talking to LITERALLY anyone with no shame..... but she is also the smartest business woman I know. At the age of 23, she is more savvy and motivated than most woman in power twice her age. She is truly a storm to be reckoned with. Mark my word, she will tear through your life and leave a trail....a trail that you will never want to forget. 
And so my last fellow transplant leaves me in a few weeks...on to fabulous people, important deadlines, THE fashion week, family, and new beginnings....
On to things that are larger than life.....just like her  <3 


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