Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Humpday....a midweek reminder that Friday is almost here....or, some weeks, a reminder that "its only Wednesday!"..... If today is one of those days - FEAR NOT my frothy little babies..... I got plans.. and so do you....

Kustom Footwear: a little ol' company that throws down 50 g's for their annual AIRSTRIKE contest (yeah that's right: $50,000 since 2008 for the craziest, most revolutionary air maneuvers on the water) And, also, the same little company that pioneered the "Shoe With No Footprint" AKA the shoe no retailer can keep on their shelves........ that company, oh that one? Welp, they're at it again.... and they're here to save your midweek crisis:

Team rider, Josh Kerr is making his (and his production team's) debut tonight in Newport in a big way. A pre-party AND an after-party (at the blue beat with a notable 80's cover band nonetheless) were apparently in order for the premiere of his anticipated film: The Kerrazy Kronicles

Come one, come all to this free for all (..don't judge me, I'm getting tired)
...aaaand if you're lucky enough (or happen to work in the 'umbrella' with some amazing folk) you might just get yourself some VIP tix.... which just happen to include a bevy of free booze, transportation, and lots of eye candy..... 


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