Thursday, October 1, 2009


It was a dismal day in Milwaukee- July 9th, 2006..... but weather was no where near enough to stop us from heading to Summerfest... in fact, it's usually pretty dismal in the midwest (BUT I LOVE IT-sidenote)
Anyway, we were en route to see Jack's Mannequin for probably the third or fourth time. It was raining. let me rephrase- it was torrentially pouring. We didnt care. Newspapers overhead, we booked across the million stage outdoor venue, music was stopping, people were rushing to leave... we were rushing to stay. We made our way through the bleachers to the front where our buds had been waiting for us for hours. All music stopped and we realized that all the bands were cancelling. No one wanted to chance it in the storm.... except for Andrew McMahon. The night creeping in and a full moon on the rise, He stepped out into the pouring rain and made a few life changing announcements. 

Number !: The Rain was no obstacle for him and his bandmates, and they were going to play for the hundreds of kids shivering, sopping wet that had been waiting for hours to hear his sweet melodies live.

Number 2: That day marked the very last day that he would have to take medication for his Cancer treatment. 

With a big "FUCK CANCER!" and the full moon behind our tearful eyes... he sat behind his piano....... and played one of the most memorable and amazing shows of my life. With only the light of the full moon in the black of night, we sang along as loud as we could in celebration of his victory. -- plus he ended the show with a cover of Tom Petty's American girl - so that was pretty much a deal sealer : )

Now- 4 years after he was diagnosed: Andrew is sharing his documented Journey with the public.....Even if you're not a fan, i have a feeling this doc is going to be epic.... 

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  1. By far the most amazing night of my life.... In fact most of my top ten are with you sweet cheeks ;)

    <3 Deal