Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Some may call a hearty fascination with the mustache, "creepy". Well, i say "bite your tongue" because im hard pressed to find anything more glorious, captivating and hilarious than a solid mustache, especially worn proudly on a friend. 

You could imagine my excitement then when a dapper young gentleman friend clued me in on the australian tradition of MOVEMBER. - such inspiration coming from a kid who takes about 6 months to grow peach fuzz on his upper lip... i knew i had to support the cause. -- yes, it is a month long celebration of the mustache in all its rare shapes and forms... a chance to showcase your talents and classiness, but also, and probably more importantly (debatable) is that all of the proceeds go to men's prostate cancer and depression. 

this site is filled with enough spectacular articles and photos to entertain a small army. please dial this into your address bar... and check back frequently....


and yes, there is also a site completely dedicated to stripping away the masculinity of any boy who isn't man enough to "grow a mo". 


 -- let me get this straight: AUSTRALIANS....teams of men trying to grow facial hair, and full on bashing of anyone who thinks they are too cool. Yeah, my life is complete...


  1. damn my boyfriend already has a head start! this is the man who changed our halloween costume because he didn't want to shave his stache. yep.