Thursday, October 22, 2009


Sure, good looks don't hurt: but i'm not throwin the word "babe" around lightly. To truly qualify you've gotta have a little bit mo --- and let me just say: brains and a laaaarge sense of humor (plus a nice set of eyes and spectacular hair -c'mon im only human) makes you a shoe-in for the "BABE ALERT" callout.

-- Sterling Spencer might just have it all. - Sure he's a young buck, a stud if you will:
He surfs for Billabong....well let me rephrase -- he KILLS slash RIPS for billabong (check his part in 'still filthy' if you need re-assurance) - but his sure fire way into any chick's Babe category is his ridiculous sense of humor and fox like cleverness. Dont believe me? Check out his blog - you will cry, guaranteed. Shit, anyone who combines mythical creatures and Burritos has my vote! Keep on keepin on Spence-- oh, and feel free to gimme a ring anytime

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