Thursday, October 15, 2009


Sure, my top choice for a closet raid would be Mary-kate Olsen, but these Movers and Shakers come in a close second. - here's some favorites from STYLE.COM:

a). hello, Leather: can i steal your shoes avec tights situation? Love.--- and as for your friend -easily obsessed with that exposed zipper skirt and black tank combo. - the print on the skirt is perfect for taking this outfit into Holiday.

b). first of all, lets talk about this jacket... and why you would ever take it off!-- insaaaane: army green with embellishments? yes please! -- and then there's your booties- ummm, swapsies?!?- great choice for fall. She got to keep her, probably $500, boyfriend jeans and subbed out the slouchy tank and sandalias for some amazing fall feel booties, a cozy scarf and a statement jacket that's to die for. 

c). not always my favorite in the style department- but i just can't say no to a boyfriend blazer-- and a silk one at that!! -- what really made this a hit for me though, was that amazing neon accented clutch- sure does pop off that silver silk quite nicely, now doesnt it?

Guess times aren't so tough for the rich and the fab - bustin out the sequins and fur like it aint no thang....

a). okay, while her pose is not the most flattering- i do love the draping on this dress,-paired with it's silvery sheen, it's pretty damn dreamy. - cant fail to mention also how lovely the body and neckline of the jacket is. Yes it's simple- but it's also perfect-- and so is her hair <3

b).The color and shape of this sequined jacket are perfecto -- super flattering coupled up with a slim/slinky tank and some sexily fabricated harem pants. In addition- there's no denying how genious it was that she topped the whole thing off with that casual/colorful across the shoulder satchel- righhhht on.

c). i am in dyer need of the perfect deliciously soft faux fur vest/jacket-- and this beeze has it right on the money.---- sooooooo dreamy.

d). everyone knows im a sucker for a sequined blazer  - love at first sight... - and, although she sure as hell isn't rockin that face- she's definitely rockin that suuuuuper cute feather headband : )

who says models can't dress themselves?
a). so rich, so pretty-- not many faces can handle the slicked back hair look, but then again, she is a model. Also pleasing that she threw a white leather moto jacket on with some sassy silk printed harems and FLATS-  ahhh to be tall and skinny...
b).hello flower child! - not a bit overdone as she mixes her delicate hair piece with a shredded top, loose mens inspired trousers, and heavy hardware jewelry and bag.

c) okay, some might say this is the alien version of where's waldo - but im diggin this little ensemble. first off, you cant go wrong with this strong shouldered blazer that is in virtually everyones clothing arsenal now-- and, while not ingenious to pair it with skinnies and a striped top -- her shoes are INsannnne - and those glasses are more than enought to turn heads

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