Friday, September 25, 2009


And in case you have no plans.... let me hook you up with some saucy situations......

TONIGHT (Friday the 25th if you didn't know)
if you are in the mood to be completely blown away by
 a musical experience, dig thru your couch cushions and scrounge up 9 bucks..... and Pre-game- cuz you're headed to the Soma.....

Sleep in, I know you're hungover.... have a bloody mary and throw on some dirty clothes, our friends at Element and family at Beachworks are throwin down at south coast plaza - get your skate sesh and tie dye sesh on.....

If you're a silverlake lova and a spaceland/echoplex dweller, the name Nico Stai couldn't
possibly draw a blank for you. If you have not seen his music, let alone heard his haunting
and addictive lyrical prowess-- you muuuuust head to Bar Pink to let him and his band pull
you into their mesmerizing performance. I cannot count how many times i have seen him
play... and in no way is that embarrassing : )

1 comment:

  1. Element skate event?! be still my heart... i am there.