Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Okay, so we all know that wednesdays are a little bit of great because they
serve as a reminder that its ALMOST friday-- but, now you have another reason to rejoice in this midweek wakeup:

For some of us B.A.B.s --(broke ass bitches) - we dont have the luxury of C.D. slash MP3 slash crazy musical abilities in our vehicles... so we resort to what is left of american radio.  
-- 100.3 'the sound'  to the rescue! -- not only do they play pretty phenomenal tunes with minimal commercial interuptions-- but they dedicate an ENTIRE DAY to Album sides. -- and, if you've been following closely, connecting the dots -- you've hopefully figured out that it is, indeed - every WEDNESDAY! So tune in to help your L.A. traffic rage.

 ~a little crosby stills and nash got me to work this morning... 

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